The Resibo philosophy is based on striving for balance. Our products combine nature’s best with the most current advancements using new technologies. We use eco-friendly packaging for all of our products. Resibo also combines effectiveness with safety. That is why you will find ingredients in our products which are highly effective and at the same time safe even for the most sensitive skin type. While creating our product line, we focused on extensive microbiologic research using methods developed by Cosmetics Europe -The Personal Care Association, along with Jadassohn-Bloch patch tests which showed no sign of allergic reaction or any skin irritation among 100% of tested persons. In striving for balance, Resibo cosmetics are a combination of innovation and ecology. For several years we have focused our efforts on providing our customers with unique highly advanced products, which are also fully eco-friendly. At every stage of our product lifecycle, from manufacturing to everyday use, we care for preserving the natural balance of the surrounding environment. The first set of Resibo cosmetics comprises of seven products for facial skin care which were released to the market after three years of research and testing. Today our products are used widely all around the world, including such countries as Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Thailand and the Caribbean. The large number of satisfied customers is the best evidence of the highest quality of our products.

Welcome to the world of Resibo!

This story begins in a small town in central Europe, where I come from and where my family still lives. Into this family appeared Ewelina, my brother's wife, with a head full of ideas and a dream to create cosmetics that work. When visiting, I was one of the first testers of Cleansing Oil. Ewelina created it for herself after having problems finding cosmetics that worked with her complexion. Bringing from home a passion for nature and faith in the great power of plants Ewelina developed her interest in natural oil-based care. Thus, Resibo was created – the now famous Cleansing Oil found in many places around the globe. Since then, women all over the world have fallen in love with Resibo – including myself. I decided to launch the cosmetics to Australia and today I am the sole distributor of Resibo here. If you want to know more, please visit our blog at
Magdalena Betlej – Sole Distributor


Resibo is a Polish brand of cosmetics based on natural, carefully selected ingredients. We specialise in products made with a view to skin safety and respect for nature. They are vegan, biodegradable and versatile. We combine minimalism with maximum effectiveness and available price policy, in terms of relation of price and product quality. The better may be the enemy of the good. That is why Resibo products are over 96% natural products. Now, the series consists of eight cosmetics. The starting point and the first recipe was cleansing oil. Then we designed: eye cream, nourishing cream, ultra moisturising cream, moisturising mist toner and micellar cleansing water. We invested a lot of work and put our hearts into appropriate composition of our skin care products. We were searching for solutions allowing for application of extremely concentrated extracts, obtained with usage of the newest technology. An example is Polish rhubarb root extract that – among others – activates natural mechanisms of skin moisturising, stimulating differentiation of keratinocytes. Its functions regulate skin exfoliating process, strengthen epidermal barrier, restore natural skin glow. You can find it in the nourishing cream or moisturising mist toner. Following this path, we have been designing a recipe of our seventh product, which we want to be close to 100% natural.
Blog Resibo is the place where we share our knowledge and experience in terms of nutrition, ecology and skin care. We would like to show you the way to take possibly sustained actions in different fields. Also, these related to consumer decisions and responsibility; not only for our own life, but also for the shape of our environment. T

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